Pearson is the leading global education company, dedicated to helping students learn and achieve success. Our entire organization – from authors and editors, to designers and program developers – all believe in innovative educational publishing and technology, matched with the highest quality content, developed to meet the needs of today’s students.

The same is true of our interns.  Together, we form a network of young people who choose to spend summers working for a company we can believe in – one that has shaped who we are, helped us grow, and educated us for years.  Pearson’s Summer Internship Program includes lunch and learns with Pearson employees from all over the company, and we have interns working in nearly every department you can think of – from human resources to editorial and marketing.  This blog was created to allow current Pearson interns to learn about what their peers are doing in offices all over the country, as well as to inform prospective interns what the program is really all about.

That being said, feel free to comment and ask questions – we interns love working for Pearson and are excited to share our experiences!



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