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Diversity Initiatives at Pearson

Alejandra Estevez

Before the stressful weeks of finals even began, the uncertainty of what I would be doing over the summer had me in a panic.  I had begun my internship search earlier in the semester, revising my resume, sending out applications, and checking for internship postings on a daily basis.  After a couple of interviews but no call backs, I’ll admit I became a bit less optimistic.  “Staying at home wouldn’t be so bad,” I thought to myself. “I could travel around the city, photographing the sites I’ve been meaning to, hit the gym more often, and maybe even finish all of the unread books I’ve collected on my shelves.”  But I knew that staying at home for the entire summer was not what I really wanted.

cell phoneIt was during an afternoon meeting that I received a call from an unfamiliar number.  As I tried to silence my cell phone, hoping no one would notice the sound coming from bag, I recognized the New York City area code and hoped that it was who I thought it was.  Several days earlier I had had a phone interview for the Diversity and Inclusion intern position with Pearson’s HR department.  The internship seemed a perfect fit: I would be doing work I feel passionate about by helping implement diversity initiatives with Pearson’s fairly new Diversity team.

After my meeting I quickly returned the call, and surely enough, it was a call from Pearson, offering me the internship position.  I accepted without hesitation, thanking Francine repeatedly.  For the rest of the afternoon I couldn’t stop myself from grinning.

Nearly two months later, I am well settled into the Pearson offices here in New York, having gotten the opportunity to meet several Pearson employees as well as the other Financial Times interns in the building.

Although my internship is with Human Resources Department, it is different from a regular internship with Pearson in that Diversity and Inclusion teams are fairly new to many companies, Pearson included.  As part of the Diversity team I research the argument for diversity initiatives in business and assist in planning diversity telecourses throughout the year, such as the Disability Employment Awareness telecourse on disability etiquette.

I’ve loved working for Pearson and its Diversity team this summer because it has taught me to think about diversity in all senses of the word. I’ve learned that it is important to consider contributions and ideas from a wide range perspectives since it allows for better work relationships, as well as new innovations and a better organization overall. It’s great to be part of a company and team that takes diversity into consideration.  By celebrating Pearson’s people and their work through the Diversity Awards, our team seeks to demonstrate how we can have an inclusive work environment for all employees – and that’s something I’m thrilled to be a part of.

Getting to do research and planning with the team for the months ahead, meeting and learning about others outside of my department, and spending time with the great people Human Resources, whether it’s doing work or chatting over lunch, have made my time at Pearson an amazing one so far.